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Rebase a pull request

There is nothing more daunting than rebasing your first pull request. I still remember the day I was asked to do this and, honestly, I can't recall how I pulled it off, but I did... of course this was years ago when there was no Update branch button in Github (which by the way, does a merge commit which I personally dislike). So I'm gonna save you some time and a lot of trouble with this mini guide.

Stash all changes in a git repository


# stash everything (tracked, untracked, ignored)
git stash --all
# stash everything, (tracked and untracked, but not ignored)
git stash [save -u | --include-untracked]
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Rename a git branch

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.
-- Phil Karlton

As Phil Karlton says, naming things has, is, and will always be hard. This is especially true when you are the new guy in the office and you are still trying to memorize the thousands and thousands of code standards/conventions the new team has.

Fortunately for the new guy, almost everything has a fix and when it comes down to branch naming conventions it is as easy as following the steps described in this guide.